Experience the exciting rhythms of Afro-Peru as Huevito and friends dance the incredible "zapateo" fancy footwork.

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  • "A rare and delightful glimpse...."
    JOHN SANTOS (Grammy-nominated jazz musician)
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    C. BLOCK (Video Librarian)
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    BARBARA J. WATERS (EMRO-Edu. Media On-Line)
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    Greg McVicar (viewer in CA)

This exciting dance is even more fun because the two dancers can't seem to stop laughing! A friendly competition, the fancy footwork and complex rhythms come from a centuries-old Afro-Peruvian tradition that almost no one even knows exists. Be the first on your block to discover it!

Prize-winning filmmaker Eve A. Ma, who made this little gem, considers herself an international version of Les Blank, a man who made movies about Lighting Hopkins and other American greats. Says Ma, "Like Blank, music and dance are in my blood. I can't imagine being without them."

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